Tourism Minister Urges Acceleration of Likupang Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Development

Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya encouraged the acceleration of construction of basic utilities and tourist attractions in Likupang Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in North Minahasa North-Sulawesi Province, which is targeted to be completed in 2020.

Minister Arief Yahya during a meeting on progress of acceleration of Likupang Tourism SEZ development at Grand Peninsula Hotel, Manado, North Sulawesi, Monday (7/10) said, infrastructure development in Likupang needs the role of the regional government and especially the community since the basic concept of tourist destinations development in Likupang is community-based.

"I remind you all that in developing tourism destinations, what we need to build first is the people living around SEZ area because they are the main beneficiaries of tourism destination development," he said.

Likupang SEZ budget plan that has been determined as Super Priority Destination by President Jokowi needs cross-ministerial/institutional budget from central government in state budget 2020 which amounting to Rp773.71 billion.

“It shows the seriousness of the government in developing super priority destinations," he said. To reach the target set, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said Likupang need to set quick wins.

"Likupang need quick win to support is tourism sector, including the construction of Wallace Conservation and improving road accessibility in Girian (Bitung)," he said.

In addition, amenity development must be conducted in the form of the mapping of Homestay Potential in Marinsow Village, Pulisan Village, Kinunang Village, Bahoi Village, and Pulau Gangga Village.

Present at the meeting were North Sulawesi Deputy Governor Steven Kandouw, Regent of North Minahasa Vonnie Anneke Panambunan, Head of North Sulawesi Provincial Tourism Office Daniel Mewengkang, Head of National Road Management Agency (BPJN) IX Triono Junoasmono, and Directors of PT. MPRD Paquita Wijaya.

On the same occasion, Directors of PT. MPRD Paquita Wijaya explained the progress of Likupang SEZ development. PT. MPRD will focus on three construction stages starting from marina area as parking lots for yachts with international standards.  

"In addition, it will also build Wallace Conservation cultural village and marine tourism park that could be great attractions for tourists to visit Likupang besides the beauty of its nature and beaches" she said.

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